Funding for research programmes

Master's and PhD scholarships for autumn 2017 entry

For autumn 2017 entry, PhD bursaries are available, with an application deadline of 12 July 2017. For more details, please read this announcement.

If you are interested in studying for a PhD in the School from autumn 2017, potential sources of funding include ESRC studentships and University of Bristol PhD scholarships. For information on both of these funding schemes, please see below.

If you are interested in studying in the school for a master's followed by a PhD, please see the information below on ESRC studentships.

ESRC studentships for master's and/or PhD study

We invite applications from eligible students for ESRC research studentships in all of the school’s disciplines - accounting, economics, finance and management. These studentships would commence in autumn 2017. The application deadline is 12 noon on Thursday 2 February 2017.

Further information

Further information on the awards and eligibility requirements.

These studentships are associated with the South West Doctoral Training Partnership (SWDTP), a consortium of south west universities with 17 disciplinary and interdisciplinary pathways. The Partnership benefits from the leadership and research knowledge available from five institutions, and builds on the success of the SWDTC, with over 200 ESRC funded researchers.

For some research topics, there might also be scope to be considered for support under an interdisciplinary pathway. For example, the Advanced Quantitative Methods pathway may be relevant for those interested in certain kinds of applied research, or in statistical methodology. For more details of the interdisciplinary pathways, please see the SWDTP website.

University of Bristol PhD scholarships

For students seeking funding for PhD study in Accounting, Economics, Finance, or Management, one potential source of funding is a University of Bristol PhD scholarship. The application deadline is 12 noon on Thursday 2 February 2017. For more details and the application procedure, please see the information and application procedures.

If you apply for an ESRC PhD (+3) studentship you will also be considered, automatically, in the award competition for a University of Bristol PhD scholarship. If you are not eligible for an ESRC studentship, but wish to be considered for a University of Bristol PhD scholarship, please email and copy your message to Your email should have the subject line ‘Bristol scholarships’ and consist of a brief statement that you wish to be considered for a scholarship, and an indication that your online PhD application has been submitted by the deadline.

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