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Bristol team awarded NORFACE funding

23 August 2017

A Bristol team led by Stephanie von Hinke (Department of Economics) has been awarded funding under the NORFACE DIAL programme for a €1,500,000 project on “Gene-Environment Interplay in the Generation of Health and Education Inequalities”.

The project will examine how genes and the environment interact to generate inequalities in education and health over the life course. It will test two novel hypotheses: (i) whether children born into advantaged environments are better able to reach their genetically conditioned education potential, and (ii) whether a privileged environment protects against genetic susceptibility to risky health behaviour.

In collaboration with a team at Erasmus University Rotterdam led by Hans van Kippersluis and a team at the University of Zurich led by Pietro Biroli, the Bristol team will combine methods from genetics and social science to study the gene-environment interplay at different ages and across generations. 

Further information

The NORFACE (New Opportunities for Research Funding Agency Cooperation in Europe) network is funding an 18 million euro research programme over the next four years on the topic of “Dynamics of Inequality Across the Life-course” (DIAL). NORFACE launched the DIAL Call in December 2015 and received 170 proposals for the first stage. 49 teams were invited to the full proposal stage, of which 13 were funded. 

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