Professor Evarist Stoja

Professor Evarist Stoja

Professor Evarist Stoja
Professor of Finance

2.12, 15-19 Tyndalls Park Road,
The Priory Road Complex, Priory Road, Clifton
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Telephone Number (0117) 39 41497

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Department of Accounting and Finance

Personal profile

I am Professor of Finance at the University of Bristol. I have a PhD and a MBA from the University of Exeter.

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My main research fields are applied financial econometrics, risk modelling and management and asset pricing. I also have interests in portfolio management, extreme events and financial stability.

Here is a link to some of my papers


ECONM2035: MSc Asset Pricing

Fields of interest

Applied Financial Econometrics, Risk Modelling, Asset Pricing

Latest publications

  1. Harris, RD, Nguyen, LH & Stoja, E, 2019, ‘Extreme downside risk and market turbulence’. Quantitative Finance, vol 19., pp. 1875-1892
  2. Harris, R, Nguyen, L & Stoja, E, 2019, ‘Systematic extreme downside risk’. Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money, vol 61., pp. 128-142
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  9. Stoja, E & Polanski, A, 2012, ‘Efficient Evaluation of Multidimensional Time-Varying Density Forecasts with Applications to Risk Management’. International Journal of Forecasting.
  10. Stoja, E, Harris, R & Yilmaz, F, 2011, ‘A Cyclical Model of Exchange Rate Volatility’. Journal of Banking and Finance, vol 35., pp. 3055 - 3064
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