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Publication - Professor Giovanna Michelon

    Stakeholder Prioritization, Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility and Company Performance

    Further Evidence


    Boesso, G, Favotto, F & Michelon, G, 2015, ‘Stakeholder Prioritization, Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility and Company Performance: Further Evidence’. Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management, vol 22., pp. 424-440


    Using KLD data on more than 900 company's performance over a nine-year period in seven areas of corporate social responsibility (environment, community, corporate governance, diversity, employee relations, human rights, and product quality), this research note re-tests Michelon et al. proxies for prioritization and strategic approaches to CSR. The results show that, when a company pursues CSR initiatives that are linked to stakeholder preferences and allocates resources to these initiatives in a strategic way, the positive effect of its CSR initiatives on financial corporate performance (CP) strengthen. The analysis of KLD's variance and top tiers is thus proposed as a parsimonious way to measure when companies link their CSR initiatives to salient stakeholder preferences and undertake the corporate social actions that are ultimately relevant to the company's strategy and financials.

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