Dr Sheena Vachhani

Dr Sheena Vachhani

Dr Sheena Vachhani
Associate Professor in Work and Organisation Studies

3.18 (Howard House),
Howard House, Queen's Avenue, Bristol
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Telephone Number (0117) 39 40533

Department of Management


My research centres around themes of embodiment, difference, ethics, identity and the feminine in organisation.

I am broadly concerned with critical approaches to the study of management and organisation, especially post-structuralist perspectives and critiques of power which I continue to develop as part of an ongoing research agenda. I have a particular interest in feminist post-structuralism including, but not limited to, the work of Luce Irigaray. I utilise visceral perspectives by critiquing and investigating the relationships between affect, language and corporeality. More recently I have explored the multiple meanings of writing in an institutional setting through feminine writing.

I have a more general interest in the adoption of discursive perspectives and the relevance of, what is commonly termed, “philosophy” to the study of management and organisation. I am currently engaged in projects on leadership and materiality, ethico-political feminist resistance, dirty work, practices of remembering, and corporeality in physical labour.

I have published in scholarly journals such as Organization StudiesOrganization andCulture & Organization, as well as contributed to various edited collections. I have recently edited a special issue of Leadership on ‘The Materiality of Leadership’ (with Alison Pullen).

Fields of interest

Critical management studies, Gender, Ethics, Embodiment.

Key publications

  1. Vachhani, SJ, 2012, ‘The Subordination of the Feminine? Developing a Critical Feminist Approach to the Psychoanalysis of Organizations’. Organization Studies, vol 33., pp. 1237-1255
  2. Harvey, G, Rhodes, C, Vachhani, SJ & Williams, K, 2017, ‘Neo-villeiny and the service sector: the case of hyper flexible and precarious work in fitness centres’. Work, Employment and Society, vol 31., pp. 19-35

Latest publications

  1. Vachhani, S, 2019, ‘Rethinking the Politics of Writing Differently Through Écriture Féminine. Management Learning, vol 50., pp. 11-23
  2. Vachhani, SJ & Pullen, A, 2019, ‘Ethics, politics and feminist organizing: Writing feminist infrapolitics and affective solidarity into everyday sexism’. Human Relations, vol 72., pp. 23-47
  3. Bell, E & Vachhani, S, 2019, ‘Relational encounters and vital materiality in the practice of craft work’. Organization Studies.
  4. Rippin, A & Vachhani, S, 2018, ‘Craft as Resistance: A Conversation About Craftivism, Embodied Inquiry and Craft-based Methodologies’. in: Emma Bell, Gianluigi Mangia, Scott Taylor, Maria Laura Toraldo (eds) The Organization of Craft Work: Identities, Meanings and Materiality. Routledge
  5. Vachhani, S, 2018, ‘Luce Irigaray’s Philosophy of the Feminine – Exploring a Culture of Sexual Difference in the Study of Organizations’. in: Robert McMurray, Alison Pullen (eds) Gender, Embodiment and Fluidity in Organization and Management. Routledge, London
  6. Pullen, A & Vachhani, S, 2017, ‘A leadership ethics of sexual difference?’. in: A Bolsø, SO Sørensen , SHB Svendsen (eds) Bodies, Symbols and Organizational Practice: The Gendered Dynamics of Power.. Routledge
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