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Dr Stephen Pearce


Steve graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Engineering (1981) at the University of Salford and obtained an Executive MBA (1991) at Bath University. Steve completed his PhD in Management during 2016 at the University of Surrey. Steve has held senior manager roles at British Gas including engineering manager, customer relations manager, projects and consultancy manager and transformation leader. Steve led a team that developed strategies and plans to create the demerged businesses of BG plc and Centrica in 1997.  He later moved to Siemens Business Services where he transformed service delivery and performance in an innovative PFI Risk and Reward partnership with NS & I (National Savings). 

As Operations Director at Aon UK, Steve managed a range of insurance and emergency service businesses; then as Group Risk Director prepared Aon UK for regulation by the FSA in 2005.  Later, based in Chicago as Aon Corporations Crisis Management Director, he provided global client services on pandemic modelling and contingency planning. Steve then provided Interim Executive Director services to a Marketing Services Business and was Chief Operations Officer at UK Central Government Agency responsible for EU subsidy payments. Steve also spent his spare time working in volunteer roles in local government and in a senior management role at a National Youth Charity.




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