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Publication - Professor Xiaojun Wang

    Communicating supply chain risks and mitigation strategies

    a comprehensive framework


    Wang, X, Tiwari, P & Chen, X, 2017, ‘Communicating supply chain risks and mitigation strategies: a comprehensive framework’. Production Planning and Control, vol 28., pp. 1023-1036


    Concerning the increasing emphasis on risk management in this uncertain global environment, there is an urgent demand for practical decision support tools that support supply chain risk communication and management. This research proposes an integrated framework that takes explicit account of multiple types of risk in aiding decision-making, and compares and ranks alternative risk mitigation strategies individually and collectively in indicator basis using fuzzy set theory and multiple criteria decision analysis (MCDA) methods. Through an illustrative case, the research demonstrates that the proposed framework provides a holistic view of supply chain risks and enables firms to foresee, spot and respond to the exposed risks in an effective and efficient manner.

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