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Publication - Professor Xiaojun Wang

    A comprehensive decision support model for the evaluation of eco-designs


    Wang, X, Chan, HK & White, LA, 2014, ‘A comprehensive decision support model for the evaluation of eco-designs’. Journal of the Operational Research Society, vol 65., pp. 917-934


    Due to regulatory pressures from government and non-government bodies and public awareness of the need to protect the environment, incorporating sustainability concerns in product design has become a key strategic consideration in new product development. However, selecting an appropriate sustainable design solution is a challenging task. As well as the fact that such a decision involves conflicting objectives, there is also the issue that environmental impacts considerations can occur at all stages of a product’s life cycle. Modelling and assessing new product development and operations management from a life-cycle assessment (LCA) perspective is becoming increasingly popular and highly important. However, on its own it is somewhat limited. This paper presents a dynamic approach that integrates LCA, fuzzy logic and analytical network process (ANP) to support the selection of environmental sustainable product designs. A numerical example is provided as an operational guideline on how to apply it to the life cycle assessment of eco-designs. The results show that the proposed fuzzy ANP approach is a viable methodology and can be used as an effective tool for the evaluation of environmental sustainable product designs

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