Social Sciences and Health

The School of Social and Community Medicine houses many social scientists who work on a variety of research projects in public health, health services research and primary care.  We have particular strengths in the application of qualitative research concepts and methods to health-related issues, the integration of qualitative methods within trials to improve their design and conduct and the use of theory in the development and evaluation of interventions to improve health.

We provide core social science teaching to undergraduates and intercalating students in medicine, as well as a variety of training opportunities in qualitative research for graduate students and health professionals.

Most of our work is inter- or multidisciplinary and we collaborate with epidemiologists, clinicians, statisticians, health economists, public health practitioners and global health experts, as well as working with patient groups, schools and other communities.  We have particular expertise in the application of innovative qualitative methods to improve recruitment to trials, the meta-analysis and synthesis of qualitative data, and the application of ethnographic and qualitative approaches to public health issues. 

Focal areas of research include mental health, self-harm and suicide prevention; sexual health; patient and research participant experience; and physical activity and healthy eating. We have strong links with other Schools within the University and with the recently formed NIHR CLAHRC West.

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