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The Policy & Politics journal, which has been publishing for 46 years, focuses on key works in the areas of public and social policy, and politics. It has an impact factor of 1.250 (2 yr) and is ranked 30th out of 47 journals in Public Administration.

New call for special issue proposals

The journal’s co-editors invite proposals for a special issue to be published online in 2020 and in print in 2021 that will make a significant contribution to our understanding of public or social policy and/or politics.  We receive a large number of enquiries about and proposals for special issues which means that we are in the enviable position of selecting only the very strongest. To be successful proposals need to offer a coherent set of excellent original research articles that will reframe or develop knowledge on a topic which is at the leading edge of current debates and is clearly relevant to the journal’s worldwide readership. Proposals may include a mixture of theoretical, conceptual and empirical cases and a range of research methods, and must demonstrate how they will make a significant and lasting contribution to the field.

Special issues of this significance generally take at least eighteen months to two years from the acceptance of a proposal through to final publication.  In return, we can offer a fast-track publication service for all articles with turnaround times of 2-3 months from delivery of the final manuscript to publication. In addition, we undertake significant article-level marketing for special issues, and all special issues are eligible for consideration for publication in book form, in the Policy & Politics series published by Policy Press.

Please read our Call for special issue proposals 2021 (PDF, 237kB) guidance on how to develop your proposal, to ensure that you include all the information we will need to evaluate it. If you would like to talk through any aspect of your proposal, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The timetable for evaluating proposals is set out below:

Call for proposals open; submit to Sarah Brown, Journal Manager

July 2018

Deadline for submitting proposals

7th December 2018

Decision on selection of one proposal announced

28th February 2019

Initial draft of articles submitted

By 28th June 2019

Peer reviews and feedback given

By 6th December 2019

Revised articles submitted and finalised

1st qtr 2020

Articles published online as fast track

2nd qtr 2020

Special issue print edition


How to get an article published in Policy & Politics

Policy & Politics receives a high volume of submissions. In order to increase your chances of getting published, please read our editorial statement below before you submit your article, to make sure it explicitly reflects the main hallmarks described.

Editorial statement

Policy & Politics is a world-leading journal that is committed to advancing our understanding of the dynamics of policy-making and implementation.  By exploring the interplay between political actors, governing institutions and policy issues, the journal contributes to theories of the policy process. By reflecting on the evolving context in which these interactions occur, it provides critical insights that are timely and fresh.

Policy & Politics has an international reputation in the fields of political science, public administration and social policy.  It is committed to publishing articles that are original and innovative; that engage with the world’s most pressing policy issues; and that have relevance both within and beyond academe.  The journal welcomes manuscripts that are empirical, conceptual or theoretical, as long as the broader international relevance of the argument is explicit.

It is critical that all articles demonstrate a clear contribution to knowledge. One of the hallmarks of the journal is the manner in which its articles generally shift from the micro to the macro (or vice versa) by addressing the link between ‘policy’ and ‘politics’. For example, while single-case studies might form the basis of an article, the broader significance and relevance of that study must be made explicit. Where articles deal with broad macro-political or economic issues they may also drill-down to some discussion of the micro-level implications of that analysis. Successful articles will generally demonstrate both analytical breadth and depth in the coverage of their subject matter. Articles must be written in a clear and accessible style suitable for a multi-disciplinary and global audience.

Policy & Politics welcomes manuscripts that contribute to its reputation as a platform for state-of-the-art research. The editors are especially interested in articles that:

1. Challenge dominant disciplinary assumptions.?

2. Open up new research frontiers, and by doing so, set the agenda for subsequent debates.?

3. Innovate in the use of methods, theories and concepts in order to deliver new insights.?

4. Make connections across and between disciplines and sub-fields.?

5. Offer relevant and timely analyses of emerging debates within political science, public management and administration, and social policy and from a comparative perspective.

Editorial team

Our Co-editors are Sarah Ayres, Felicity Matthews and Steve Martin. Our Consultant Editor is Diane Stone.

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