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Living with environmental uncertainty

The Cabot Institute brings together world-class expertise, developing truly multidisciplinary research programmes to tackle the challenges of uncertain environmental change.

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Our BIG Green Week event - Nicaragua's progress towards 90% renewable energy 

A special talk by Nicaraguan Ambassador Guisell Morales-Eschaverry followed by a panel discussion.

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Queen recognises impact of Bristol's volcanology research

The Queen’s Anniversary Prize for Higher Education has been awarded to our volcanology team in recognition of their world-leading research.

Find out how their research is reducing volcanic risks around the world.

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Why is an ancient plesiosaur on a wall in central Bristol?

Local artist Alex Lucas from Lucas Antics, paints a mural for the Cabot Institute to help us question our Uncertain World.

Read more about this project and where you can find the street art.

Middle Earth

What can we learn about climate from Lord of the Rings?

Prof Dan Lunt explores how we can understand and improve our predictions of future climate change and how the climate of Middle Earth is not so different to areas of the UK today.

Listen again to Dan's inaugural lecture.