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Dr Adam Crewe

Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics

Dr. Adam Crewe is a Reader in Earthquake Engineering in the Department of Civil Engineering.

His research interests are to develop a better understanding of how various types of structure respond to earthquake and other types of dynamic loading, in many cases using large scale laboratory tests to validate his theories.

Particular research areas of interest are:
Civil Engineering Dynamics Structures, Bridges, Human Structure Interaction, Soil Structure Interaction
Dynamics of Bridges Multiple Support Excitation of Bridges (varying support input motions), Dynamic Behaviour of Asymmetric Bridges, Cable Dynamics, Cable-Deck Interaction
Full-Scale Testing Laboratory Testing using Shaking Tables and Reaction Walls, Telepresence, Teleparticipation, Teleoperation
Shaking Table Modelling Shaking Table Dynamics, Shaking Table Control, Shaking Table-Structure Interaction
Advanced Test Systems Real Time Dynamic Substructuring, Real-time Control
Earthquake Resistant Design and Construction Reservoir Intake Towers, Masonry Walls, Concrete and Steel Frame Buildings
Public Understanding of Engineering Schools Activities, Media, General Public

Research keywords

  • Engineering
  • Dynamics
  • Structures
  • Bridges
  • Shaking Table
  • Testing