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Publication - Mr Andy Crossley

    An SME Decision Support System Utilising Defined Scoring Methods


    Pashley, D, Tryfonas, T, Crossley, A & Setchell, C, 2017, ‘An SME Decision Support System Utilising Defined Scoring Methods’. International Journal on Advances in Intelligent Systems, vol 10., pp. 327-344


    When companies engage in innovation, the appropriate selection of projects to invest resource in is paramount. In order to do this effectively, they need to research appropriate opportunities to create sufficient understanding. The various opportunities available need to be rationalised to match with the resource available. There are several rationalisation methods available, including Portfolio Management, Scoring Methods and Decision Support Systems. However, there are few that combine to be utilised by Small and Medium Sized Enterprises effectively. This work adds to the field of Small and Medium Sized Enterprise Decision Support by proposing an approach combining opportunity investigation, review and recommendation such that the most appropriate candidate innovation can be selected and taken forwards for development.

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