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Publication - Mr Andy Crossley

    Scoring Methods to Enable Bespoke Portfolio Management


    Pashley, D, Tryfonas, T, Crossley, A & Setchell, C, 2017, ‘Scoring Methods to Enable Bespoke Portfolio Management’. in: Twelfth International Conference on Systems (ICONS 2017): Proceedings of a meeting held 23-27 April 2017, Venice, Italy. Held at NexComm 2017. International Academy, Research, and Industry Association (IARIA), pp. 54-61


    To achieve competitive advantage, many companies need to engage and invest in Research and Development. For this investment to be effective, resources need to be allocated appropriately across all projects. However, when the portfolio of the company is diverse or large, this assignment can be challenging. Portfolio Management has been created as a method for companies to effectively manage new, existing and potential projects. Yet, these methods can introduce bias and subjectivity without being flexible to the pieces of information, or attributes that are important to the company. This work adds to the field by proposing three scoring methods that convert any attribute into a numerical representation that can then be used for comparison. For managers, it means that they can select any attributes of importance to them to allow their portfolio to be prioritised and have the resource allocated appropriately to the projects that offer the greatest promise.

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