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Publication - Dr Neil Carhart

    Digital Strategies Forum for Smarter UK Cities and Towns

    Workshop Report


    Carhart, N, Rosenberg, G & Coraggio, E, 2019, ‘Digital Strategies Forum for Smarter UK Cities and Towns: Workshop Report’.


    This report outlines part of a series of activities supported by the Centre for Digital Built Britain investigating how collaboration between public authorities, private business and other city stakeholders could harness the potential of emerging digital technologies to create more liveable, healthy and environmentally sustainable cities and towns.

    On the 11th July 2019 a forum was held looking at the challenges and opportunities faced by local authorities when seeking to develop a digital strategy. The forum provided an opportunity for delegates to exchange knowledge and experiences and asses their strategic plans.

    A number of lessons and outstanding challenges emerged from these discussions, many of which revolved around the recurrent themes of trust and security.

    Full details in the University publications repository