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Dr Rafael Rosolem

Research Summary

Terrestrial hydrometeorology studies the exchange processes of water and energy between the land surface and the lower atmosphere, their interactions and feedbacks. The ecology of the land surface is also an important aspect that controls hydrological and meteorological phenomena. Some of these land surface processes, such as floodings, extreme weather, landslides, climate change, among others, can potentially affect our society.

My research focuses on understanding and improving physical and physiological mechanisms associated with the water, energy, and biogeochemical cycles. To achieve that, I combinemeasurements and land surface models (also known as soil-vegetation-atmosphere transfer schemes, SVATs) into data assimilation frameworks such as parameter or state estimation techniques. I am also involved in the development and dissemination of a new measurement technique which provides soil moisture at intermediate spatial scales from cosmic-rays.

Research keywords

  • Hydrometeorology
  • Land surface modeling
  • Data assimilation
  • Biosphere-atmosphere interaction
  • Soil water dynamics
  • Climatology