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Publication - Dr Sion Hannuna

    A Guide to the SPHERE 100 Homes Study Dataset


    Elsts, A, Burghardt, T, Byrne, D, Camplani, M, Damen, D, Fafoutis, X, Hannuna, S, Harwin, W, Holmes, M, Janko, B, Lopez, VP, Masullo, A, Mirmehdi, M, Oikonomou, G, Piechocki, R, Sherratt, S, Tonkin, EL, Twomey, N, Vafeas, A, Woznowski, PR & Craddock, I, 2018, ‘A Guide to the SPHERE 100 Homes Study Dataset’.


    The SPHERE project has developed a multi-modal sensor platform for health and behavior monitoring in residential environments. So far, the SPHERE platform has been deployed for data collection in approximately 50 homes for duration up to one year. This technical document describes the format and the expected content of the SPHERE dataset(s) under preparation. It includes a list of some data quality problems (both known to exist in the dataset(s) and potential ones), their workarounds, and other information important to people working with the SPHERE data, software, and hardware. This document does not aim to be an exhaustive descriptor of the SPHERE dataset(s); it also does not aim to discuss or validate the potential scientific uses of the SPHERE data.

    Full details in the University publications repository