Network members:

A directory of network participants and their research interests will be added as the network develops. If you would like to be involved in this project, please email

Steering Committee:

Ruth Glynn (Bristol, Co-Investigator)

Rebecca Clifford (Swansea)

Celia Donert (Liverpool)

Ruth Glynn (Bristol)

Josie McLellan (Bristol, Principal Investigator)

Selina Todd (Oxford)

Maud Bracke (Glasgow, Co-Investigator - on leave)

Project administrator:

Hannah-Marie Chidwick (Bristol)

Advisory Board:

Martin Conway (Oxford)

Laura Lee Downs (European University Institute, Florence)

Pat Thane (Kings College London)

Susan Zimmermann (Central European University, Budapest)

Undergraduate Public Engagement Interns

Graihagh Goode (Bristol)

Sarah Brodie (Bristol)