Physically Active Lessons

Physically Active Lessons (PAL)

This project will introduce an additional 90 minutes per week of physical activity into primary school lessons, in sessions of 10-15 minutes. The intervention is designed to compound learning, with the activity itself very simple and appropriate for delivery within or outside the classroom. Activities include skipping whilst reciting times tables or playing ‘freeze tag’ where you must answer a question correctly to be unfrozen.

The project will include some developmental work to adapt the activities to suit the UK context, before exploring the feasibility of delivery with a small number of schools.



Research Team:  Raj Chande ( CMPO, Behavioural Insights Team)

Funder:  Education Endowment Fund

Timescale: Awarded November 2013; implementation January 2014 – July 2014; analysis Autumn 2014.

Stage:  Analysis