BMVPs 2015-16

Medium-term Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professors 2015-2016

Jan - June 2016

Dr Rowena Lohman,
Cornell University, USA

Dr Juliet Biggs,
Earth Sciences
Geodetic imaging above and below the surface; studying earthquakes in the changing earth system
Jan - June 2016

Dr Matthew Pritchard
Cornell University, USA

Dr Juliet Biggs,
Earth Sciences
Preparing for routine global observations of volcano deformation - advancing science and reducing hazards
4 Jan - 14 Feb 2016

Professor Melanie Hughes
University of Pittsburgh, USA

Professor Sarah Childs,
Managing diversity, protecting power: the persistent overrepresentation of majority men in democratic politics
10 Jan - 1 April 2016

Professor Emmanuel Peyre
University of Grenoble, France

Professor Timothy Browning,
Hunting solutions: where to find them? Diophantine equations revisited
6 March - 10 April 2016

Dr Justin Walsh,
Chapman University, USA

Dr Tamar Hodos,
Archaeology and Anthropology
Intercultural relations in an ancient city: Iberians and Phoenicians at Cástulo, Spain
18 Aug - 2 Oct 2016 Professor Martha Savage,
Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
Dr James Wookey,
Earth Sciences
Measuring seismic anisotropy in the crust
16 May - 18 July 2015 Professor Thomas Stace,
University of Queensland, Australia
Professor Jeremy O'Brien
Centre for Quantum Photonics
Uncertain ties that bind quantum computers
20 May - 16 July 2015 Professor Todd Handy,
University of British Columbia, Canada
Dr Ute Leonards
Experimental Psychology
New approaches to tackling falls in the elderly - a new international collaboration
20 July - 29 Sep 2015 Professor Amin Elshorbagy,
University of Saskatchewan, Canada
Professor Thorsten Wagener,
Civil Engineering
Promoting water as a policy variable in regional and national planning



Fast-track Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professors 2015/2016

Date of VisitName and InstitutionBristol Host DetailsTopic of Research
24  - 29 April 2016 Dr Margaret Litvin,
Boston University

Dr Rebecca Gould,
Modern Languges

World Literature from an Arabic Point of View
27 March - 17 April 2016 Dr Alexander Bradley
Washington University
Professor Richard Pancost
Investigating the origins of ether lipids in peats and lignites.
26 Sep - 18 Oct 2015 Dr Marybeth Stalp
University of Northern Iowa, USA
Dr Ann Rippin,
Changing the world through cloth: women: motherhood, maturity and ageing explored through sustainable traditional crafts
11 - 31 October 2015 Professor Edward Stolper
California Institute of Technology, USA
Professor Jon Blundy, 
Earth Sciences
The origin of mugearites and related magmas on the Earth and Mars
18 - 31 October 2015 Professor Sue Newberry
University of Sydney, Australia
Professor Sheila Ellwood, 
Accounting and Finance
Developments in International Public Sector Accounting, and government management and reform of a natural disaster fund
11 Oct - 1 Nov 2015

Professor Albrecht Classen
University of Arizona, USA 

Dr Marianne Ailes,
Department of French

The Myth of Charlemagne in German and Dutch Medieval Literature