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  Dr Eldin Fahmy
Post(s): Senior Lecturer, School for Policy Studies
Areas of expertise: My research concerns the extent of poverty and social exclusion in the UK and the EU and the policies needed to tackle it....
Keywords: poverty | social exclusion | youth disadvantage | rural poverty
  Dr Pauline Fairclough
Post(s): Reader in Music, Department of Music
Areas of expertise: My research focuses on Soviet musical culture, especially during the Stalin period, with special emphasis on Shostakovich...
Keywords: Shostakovich | Soviet music | music
  Dr Maria Fannin
Post(s): Reader in Human Geography, School of Geographical Sciences
Areas of expertise: Before joining the School of Geographical Sciences in July 2006, Dr. Fannin conducted research on the adoption and popularity...
Keywords: feminist theory | reproduction | health care | midwifery | migration
  Professor Elaine Farmer
Post(s): Emeritus Professor, School for Policy Studies
Areas of expertise: My research interests include foster and residential care, the reunification of separated children with their families, kinship...
Keywords: Child protection | Neglect | fostering | kinship care | adoption | Reunification of children in care with their parents | sexual abuse and substitute care
  Dr Ian Farrow
Post(s): Senior Lecturer in Aerospace Structural Design, Department of Aerospace Engineering
Areas of expertise: I am a member of the Aerospace Composites research group. My interests include:- design and analysis of aerospace composite...
Keywords: aerospace composites | design methods | design toold | aerospace composites | acoustic emission monitoring | fatigue damage
  Dr Neal Farwell
Post(s): Head of School of Arts & Reader in Composition, Department of Music
Areas of expertise: My compositional output includes work for acoustic ensemble, tape alone, live electronics and installation. I have collaborated...
Keywords: music composition | acoustic ensemble | tape alone | live electronics | installation | semiotics | Charles Sanders Peirce
  Professor Charl FJ Faul
Post(s): Professor of Materials Chemistry, School of Chemistry
Areas of expertise: Efforts are focussed on exploring the design principles and applications of functional hierarchical soft materials utilising...
Keywords: electroactive nanostructures | conducting organics | molecular electronics | oligo(aniline)s | liquid crystals | functional nanomaterials
  Professor Gene Feder
Post(s): Professor of Primary Care, Bristol Medical School (PHS)
Professor of Primary Care, Bristol Medical School (PHS)
Areas of expertise: Cardiovascular health - in particular the diagnosis and management of angina and using cardiovascular risk as a basis of...
Keywords: cardiovascular health | angina | domestic violence | clinical guidelines | primary care | general practice
  Dr Alan Feest
Post(s): Senior Research Fellow in Civil Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering
Areas of expertise: I am a world leader in the measurement of biodiversity. I have created a computer programme that can be adapted to a...
Keywords: biodiversity | slime moulds
  Professor Anthony Feiler
Post(s): Emeritus Professor, School of Education
Areas of expertise: Research Interests Special educational needs and inclusive education, disabled children (enhancing communication and friendships),...
Keywords: special educational needs | inclusive education | children with disabilities | early literacy intervention | collaborative links between schools and families | 14-19 curriculum reforms
  Dr Magnus Feldmann
Post(s): Senior Lecturer in Politics, School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies
Areas of expertise: My research focuses on comparative and international political economy and on comparative politics (with a special emphasis...
Keywords: international political economy | comparative political economy | comparative politics | Central Europe | Eastern Europe | communism | international trade
  Professor David Fermin
Post(s): Professor of Electrochemistry, School of Chemistry
Areas of expertise: I am the coordinator of the Electrochemistry Group. Our research goals are associated with materials and interfaces for solar...
Keywords: Solar Energy Conversion and Storage | Semiconductor Materials and Photo-Electroactive Systems | Electrocatalysis for Fuel Cell Applications
  Mr George Ferzoco
Post(s): Teacher, School of Humanities
Research Fellow, School of Humanities
Areas of expertise: Most of my research deals with the media of medieval propaganda, and how positive and negatives images of good and bad people...
Keywords: medieval propaganda | sermons / preaching | canonization / canonisation | Pope Celestine V / medieval papacy | genitalia in medieval art | Italian football ('calcio') | Fellini | Tuscany (esp. Massa Marittima & Florence) / Abruzzo (esp. L'Aquila, Sulmona & Corfinio
  Dr Natalie Fey
Post(s): Lecturer in Chemistry, School of Chemistry
Areas of expertise: Transition metal complexes catalyse many reactions important in synthetic organic and organometallic chemistry. However,...
Keywords: transition metal complexes | organometallic chemistry | synthetic organic chemistry | catalytic reactions | catalysts | synthetically relevant organometallic chemistry | quantum chemistry
  Professor Adam Finn
Post(s): Professor of Paediatrics, School of Cellular and Molecular Medicine
Professor of Paediatrics, Bristol Medical School (PHS)
Areas of expertise: Research work focusing on the evaluation of childhood vaccines against infectious diseases, mucosal immune responses to vaccines...
Keywords: paediatrics | vaccines | infectious diseases | immunology | child health
  Professor Peter Flach
Post(s): Professor of Artificial Intelligence, Department of Computer Science
Areas of expertise: My main expertise is in mining highly structured data, as found in many scientific disciplines; and in data-intensive computing,...
Keywords: machine learning | data mining | structured data | exabyte informatics | scientific discovery | data-intensive computing | networks
  Dr Kieran Flanagan
Post(s): Senior Research Fellow in Sociology, Politics and International Studies, School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies
Areas of expertise: My research interests are in historical sociology and the relationship between sociology and theology (Catholicism), which...
Keywords: historical sociology | theology | A Secular Age | Sociology at Prayer | religious rituals | theology and sociology
  Professor Rachel Flecker
Post(s): Professor of Palaeoclimatology, School of Geographical Sciences
Areas of expertise: I extract information about past climates from rocks and fossils that were deposited in semi-enclosed marine systems like...
Keywords: Sakhalin | Mediterranean palaeoclimate | Messinian Salinity Crisis
  Professor Peter Fleming
Post(s): Professor of Infant Health & Developmental Physiology, Bristol Medical School (PHS)
Areas of expertise: My clinical practice is in the fields of newborn intensive care, developmental assessment and investigation and care of children...
Keywords: infants | Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) | infant development | sleep | newborn intensive care
  Dr Adrian Flint
Post(s): Senior Lecturer in Development Politics, School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies
Areas of expertise: My main research interests lie within the field of North-South relations and include issues such as poverty alleviation,...
Keywords: North-South relations | poverty alleviation | sustainable development | HIV/AIDs | European Union development policy | development policy | international political economy
  Professor Karen Forbes
Post(s): Professorial Teaching Fellow in Palliative Medicine, Bristol Medical School (PHS)
Areas of expertise: I am a consultant in Palliative Medicine. Half of my sessions are clinical and half are devoted to teaching and research....
Keywords: palliative care | end-of-life care | medical education | undergraduate medical education | postgraduate medical education
  Dr Edward Forman
Post(s): Senior Lecturer in French, Department of French
Areas of expertise: Theatre history and drama with particular reference to drama and ethics, music on the stage, theories of tragedy, comic drama
Keywords: French literature | French culture | French drama | music and drama
  Dr Gaston Fornes
Post(s): Senior Teaching Fellow, School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies
Areas of expertise: Before starting my doctoral studies, I worked in industry for around ten years in the USA, Argentina, and Chile. My main...
Keywords: emerging economies | China - Latin America Relations | foreign exchange exposure in emerging economies | SMEs in Emerging Economies
  Dr Elizabeth Fortin
Post(s): PolicyBristol Coordinator, Research and Enterprise Development
Areas of expertise: My British Academy postdoctoral Research Fellowship examines multi-stakeholder efforts to formulate supranational consensual...
Keywords: knowledge formation in participatory policy processes | theorisation of the formulation of supranational consensual regulation | global sustainability standards | biofuels | roundtable on sustainable biofuels | land reform in post-apartheid South Africa
  Dr Becky Foster
Post(s): Lecturer in Clinical Sciences, Bristol Medical School (THS)
Areas of expertise: I completed my BSc in Zoology at the University of Wales, Swansea in 1999. In 2001 I undertook a PhD in the Microvascular...
Keywords: vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF)-A | podocyte biology | renal physiology | academic renal unit | proteins involved in glomerular physiology & pathology
  Professor Gary Foster
Post(s): Professor of Molecular Plant Pathology, School of Biological Sciences
Areas of expertise: My research is focused on investigating a range of interconnecting themes that include plant virology, plant pathology, plant...
Keywords: plant pathology | plant virology | plant molecular biology | molecular virology | molecular mycology | biotechnology | GM plants | GMOs
  Professor Robert Fowler
Post(s): Emeritus Professor, Department of Classics & Ancient History
Areas of expertise: My field of study is early Greek literature. I have become involved in the campaign to complete the excavation of the Villa...
Keywords: Herculaneum | Homer | Herodotus | papyri
  Dr Jon Fox
Post(s): Senior Lecturer in Sociology, School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies
Areas of expertise: My expertise is in ethnicity, nationalism, and migration. I am interested in the everyday ways ordinary people understand,...
Keywords: ethnicity | migration | nationalism | East Europe | ethnic return migration | Hungary | Romania | European nationalism
  Professor Ken Fox
Post(s): Emeritus Professor, School for Policy Studies
Areas of expertise: Spokesperson for the field of physical activity/exercise and public health. Senior scientific editor of the CMO report (2004)and...
Keywords: physical activity | exercise | psychology | obesity | public health | mental health | ageing | self-esteem
  Dr Neil Fox
Post(s): Reader, School of Chemistry
Areas of expertise: I am a member of the CVD Diamond Lab based in the School of Chemistry at the University of Bristol, UK. In this lab we study...
Keywords: folms of diamond | diamond-like carbon | amorphous carbon | chemical vapour deposition techniques | gas phase diagnostics | optical emission spectroscopy | cavity ring-down laser spectroscopy | spectrometry
  Dr Clive Frankish
Post(s): Senior Research Fellow in Experimental Psychology, School of Experimental Psychology
Areas of expertise: My primary research interest is the way verbal short-term memory is supported by speech and language processing skills. In...
Keywords: short-term memory | language | speech perception | reading
  Professor Nigel Franks
Post(s): Emeritus Professor, School of Biological Sciences
Areas of expertise: My research is on collective problem-solving in ants. Ant colonies embody all of the most important aspects of biological...
Keywords: ants | problem-solving | biological organization | ant colonies | collective intelligence
  Dr Abigail Fraser
Post(s): Reader in Epidemiology, Bristol Medical School (PHS)
Areas of expertise: Women's reproductive health across the life course with a particular focus on maternal health in pregnancy and its relation...
Keywords: life course epidemiology | pregnancy | women's reproductive health | cardiovascular disease
  Professor Mike Fraser
Post(s): Professor of Human-Computer Interaction, Department of Computer Science
Areas of expertise: I lead a number of initiatives on public deployments of computer science research. I study the practical use of technologies...
Keywords: use of technology in public | public engagement with computing research | social interaction | human-computer interaction | human-robot interaction | haptics and force feedback
  Dr Jan Frayne
Post(s): Reader in Biochemistry, School of Biochemistry
Areas of expertise: Mammalian fertility: sperm function (& stem cell biology: erythropoiesis) At present our research is focused on two distinct...
Keywords: mammalian fertility | sperm function | stemcell biology | erythropoiesis | sperm maturation | male fertility | contraceptive strategies | erythroid differentiation
  Professor Norman Freeman
Post(s): Emeritus Professor of Cognitive Development, School of Experimental Psychology
Areas of expertise: I work in cognition, mostly trying to model and test hypotheses about representational development, where I have invented...
Keywords: cognition | development | preschool | theory of mind | number | drawing | domain specific learning
  Professor Jim Freer
Post(s): Professor of Hydrology, School of Geographical Sciences
Areas of expertise: Uncertainty analysis in environmental modelling; field experiments and computer model simulations to understand process mechanisms...
Keywords: hydrology | catchment scale hydrological model development | uncertainty analysis | environmental modelling | phosphorous modelling
  Dr Sylvain Friederich
Post(s): Senior Lecturer in Finance, Department of Accounting and Finance
Areas of expertise: My main research interests are in the area of financial market microstructure, the area of financial economics that examines...
Keywords: financial market microstructure | stock exchanges | stock markets | high-frequency trading | MiFID | trading systems | market fragmentation | trading transparency
  Professor Andrew Friedman
Post(s): Emeritus Professor, School of Economics, Finance and Management
Areas of expertise: I am the managing director of the Professional Associations Research Network (PARN); a research and development network which...
Keywords: Professional Associations Research Network | PARN | management | information systems | professions | environment
  Dr Juliane Fuerst
Post(s): Reader in Twentieth-Century History, Department of History (Historical Studies)
Areas of expertise: I am interested in all aspects of the social and cultural history of the Soviet Union. In particular I am engaged in several...
Keywords: Soviet Union | social history | Soviet youth | youth cultures | Soviet train travel
  Dr Allison Fulford
Post(s): Senior Teaching Fellow, Centre for Applied Anatomy
Areas of expertise: My research interests lie with the body's response to stress. I study features of the hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenal axis...
Keywords: stress | hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenal axis | stress axis | endocrine | nervous systems | stress response | mood disorders
  Professor Helen Fulton
Post(s): Chair in Medieval Literature, Department of English
Areas of expertise: In terms of time period and location, my research is focused on the literatures of Wales and England from 1100 to 1500, including...
Keywords: literature | medieval | Wales | England | Arthurian | prophecy | political writing | urban writing