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  Professor Jeremy O'Brien
Post(s): Royal Academy of Engineering Chair in Emerging Technologies, Director CQP, Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Royal Academy of Engineering Chair in Emerging Technologies, Director CQP, School of Physics
Areas of expertise: I work in the fields of quantum information science, quantum optics, nanotechnology, and condensed matter physics, with the...
Keywords: quantum physics | quantum information | quantum information science | quantum optics | quantum photonics | photonics | optics
  Dr Anne-Marie O'Carroll
Post(s): Senior Research Fellow, Bristol Medical School (THS)
Areas of expertise: Our group works on investigating the molecular genetics of neuropeptide receptors, with particular reference to the molecular...
Keywords: molecular genetics | neuropeptide receptors | hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenal axis | oxytocin receptor | apelin receptor
  Professor Simon O'Doherty
Post(s): Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry, School of Chemistry
Areas of expertise: My main area of research is concerned with the global growth of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and their replacement compounds,...
Keywords: chlorofluorocarbons | hydrofluorocarbons | hydrochlorofluorocarbons | greenhouse gases
  Dr Ellen O'Gorman
Post(s): Senior Lecturer in Classics, Department of Classics & Ancient History
Areas of expertise: I work in the field of ancient historiography and historical thought. I am particularly interested in the ways that historical...
Keywords: ancient historiography | historical thought | myth | historical novels | Roman imperialism
  Professor Mike O'Mahony
Post(s): Professor of History of Art and Visual Culture, Department of History of Art (Historical Studies)
Areas of expertise: My recent research and publications have examined: representations of sport and physical culture in official and unofficial...
Keywords: Olympic Games and art | representations of sport in art | Moscow metro | Aleksandr Deineka | Sergei Eisenstein | Soviet art | Soviet public monuments in the post-Soviet era | Soviet culture
  Dr Catherine O'Rawe
Post(s): Reader in Modern Italian Culture, Department of Italian
Areas of expertise: My principal research area is Italian cinema, focusing in particular on the relations between neo-realist cinema (and Italian...
Keywords: Italian film | Hollywood | post-war | contemporary | male stars | femme fatale
  Dr Therese O'Toole
Post(s): Reader in Sociology, School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies
Areas of expertise: I am currently completing research from a Leverhulme Trust funded project on Political Engagement among Ethnic Minority Young...
Keywords: ethnicity | youth | political participation | activism | urban governance | political engagement | Ethnic Minority Young Activists | General Election 2017
  Dr Gerald Offer
Post(s): Reader, School of Physiology, Pharmacology & Neuroscience
Areas of expertise: My research focuses on how muscles contract. The structural events by which myosin heads projecting from the surface of...
Keywords: muscular contraction | muscles | cross-bridge cycle | contracting muscle | mechano-kinetic computer models | transition-state theory | protein complexes | skeletal muscle
  Professor Samir Okasha
Post(s): Professor of Philosophy of Science, Department of Philosophy
Areas of expertise: My primary areas of expertise are philosophy of science and philosophy of biology, with special emphasis on evolutionary...
Keywords: philosophy | philosophy of science | philosophy of biology | evolutionary biology | evolutionary theory
  Professor Ken Oliphant
Post(s): Professor of Tort Law, University of Bristol Law School
Areas of expertise: My main fields of research are tort law and compensation. I am author of Torts (Palgrave Macmillan) (with Alastair Mullis),...
Keywords: tort law | torts | compensation | the law of tort
  Professor Clive Orchard
Post(s): Professor, School of Physiology, Pharmacology & Neuroscience
Areas of expertise: My research is focused on cardiac excitation-contraction coupling and its regulation. Using a variety of techniques (for...
Keywords: cardiac excitation-contraction coupling | intracellular Ca2+ | intracellular messenger pathways | t-tubules | cardiac ventricular myocytes | surface membrane | ion handling
  Professor Andrew Orr-Ewing
Post(s): Professor, School of Chemistry
Areas of expertise: The research in my group concentrates on the use of pulsed and cw diode lasers for studying chemical reactivity, atmospheric...
Keywords: pulsed lasers | cw diode lasers | chemical reactivity | atmospheric chemistry | trace gas detection | aerosol particles | photochemistry | molecular spectroscopy
  Professor Marilyn Osborn
Post(s): Emeritus Professor, School of Education
Areas of expertise: My interests include sociology of education, particularly teachers' work and professional identity, pupil perspectives on...
Keywords: teachers' work | professional identity | pupil perspectives on learning | comparative education | adult learning | qualitative research
  Professor Thomas Osborne
Post(s): Professor of Social and Political Theory, School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies
Areas of expertise: My current research interests are focused on political theory; contemporary politics; representative politics; liberal forms...
Keywords: pollitical theory | populism | liberalism | liberalism of fear | political ethics
  Professor Elisabeth Oswald
Post(s): Professor in Applied Cryptography, Department of Computer Science
Areas of expertise: Expert in the field of power analysis attacks on cryptographic devices such as smart cards. Generally interested in problems...
Keywords: cryptography | security | side channel attacks | power analysis attacks | smart cards
  Professor Neslihan Ozkan
Post(s): Professor of Finance, Department of Accounting and Finance
Areas of expertise: I am interested in Financial Economics, Corporate Finance and Corporate Governance. I teach Financial Markets and Corporate...
Keywords: financial economics | financial markets and corporate finance | corporate governance