Travel and Personal Accident

Details of Policy

Please note that the University changed insurers to Royal and Sun Alliance on 1st August 2016.  Details of the cover can be found below.  For details of cover with our previous insurer Ace Europe please contact the Insurance Office.

Insurer: Royal and Sun Alliance
Policy number: RTT276323
Emergency contact number: 

00 44 20 8763 3155 (if ringing from abroad)

0208 763 3155 (if ringing from within the UK)

Policy wording: RSA policy wording (PDF, 1,492kB)

****Cover: is not automatically provided on booking a trip - a member of staff must complete our online application system for the traveller to be eligible for cover - please see the instructions below on how to do this****

University employees and students (under the age of 80) who are travelling on University business are eligible to apply for cover.  Cover can also be provided for the spouse/ partner/ children of an employee if they are accompanying them on the trip.  Employees must meet the cost of the travel insurance for family members themselves - it cannot be met from University funds.  

Special Restrictions:

  • It is a condition of the policy that trips must start and end in the UK so if you are planning on flying from another country then you cannot use the University travel insurance
  • The insurance will be invalid if you take any more than 50% of the total length of the business element of the trip on personal travel
  • Emergency Medical and Travel Expenses coverage excludes travelling against medical advice or for the purposes of obtaining medical treatment
  • Loss of money or theft of personal property must be reported to the police, or another recognised authority e.g. the British Embassy within 48 hours of discovery
  • The following events/ activities are excluded:- suicide or attempted suicide or self-inflicted injury, war risks, gradually operating causes
  • An age restriction of 80 years applies to the policy
  • Excludes theft from motor vehicles unless property locked in boot/ under luggage cover in a hatchback or estate car
  • Slightly revised terms apply to employees on long-term secondment to overseas employers please contact the Insurance Office for details

Summary of Cover:

Personal Accident Benefits:-


 Loss of Limbs or Sight

 Permanent Total Disablement

Emergency Medical & Travel Expenses (incurred outside UK)

 Including emergency repatriation due to illness 

 (Capita Global Assistance)

Baggage (limit any one item £3,000), includes up to £3,000 for business equipment (mobile phones are excluded from cover) 

 Baggage delay (4 hours+)


 up to £2,000
Money, credit card misuse


 (cash limit £3,000)
 Travel documents up to £2,000

Cancellation, curtailment, alteration to itinerary or rearrangement expenses

 (as a direct result of any cause outside your control)

 Travel delay - £200 after 4 hours and £50 for each subsequent hour up to a maximum of £750
Legal Expenses £50,000

£300 per day

 (max £100,000)
Personal liability for injury or damage to property £5 million


Search and Rescue costs

Increased to £125,000 per incident in Greenland

 Evacuation £10,000

Price List

Period EU Member States USA/Canada  Elsewhere 
Up to 4 months                   £10.00         £15.00      £15.00
Up to 12 months                 £47.00       £110.00    £100.00
Annual/ Multi-trip                 £65.00         £125.00    £125.00
Year Abroad Students  £125.00 £185.00 £185.00

N.B. These costings represent a contribution to the University's cost in arranging this travel insurance policy.  Contributions are charged per person regardless of age.

How to Apply for Cover

Please use our Online Travel Application (unless you are a Year Abroad student then please see our Information for Students.

If you are a student (including PhD students) you will not have access to log in to the system so you will need to ask to member of staff to apply on your behalf.

In order to apply for cover you will need to obtain a budget code to pay for the cost.  If you do not know your budget code please contact your Faculty Finance Team.

Instructions on how to use the system can be found in the Help Guide attached to the application.  If you encounter any difficulties with using the system please contact us: or by telephone 0117 39 41828.

Annual cover

Please note if you have annual multi-trip cover you must inform the Insurance Office if you are travelling to any countries where there are warnings on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website or have political sanctions in place as we do not have automatic cover in place for travel to these regions.  Please check the following websites:

Foreign and Commonwealth Office

UK treasury website

US treasury website

N.B. This is also the case with single trip cover - but the travel application will prompt you to inform the Insurance Office before completing the application.

How to Make a Claim

If you require urgent assistance whilst abroad please use the insurer's emergency telephone number 00 44 20 8763 3155.

For non-urgent claims please contact the Insurance Office on your return to the UK by telephoning 0117 39 41828 or e-mailing: 

Please note, the insurers will not be responsible for "any expenses incurred as the result of the default or financial failure of any transport or accommodation provider, of any agent acting for them or of any agent acting for the Policyholder or Insured Person."  To protect yourself against this risk of insolvency use either an ABTA member travel agent or an ATOL bonded flight provider and/or make your reservations using a credit card.

Tips for Travellers

  • In accordance with the University's travel policy, staff should use the University's contracted supplier for travel services, Ian Allan Travel Management. It is particularly advisable to use this service wherever possible as they have facilities in place to assist you with re-scheduling your trip in the event of an emergency - details can be found on the Procurement website
  • We would also recommend that you follow @FCOTravel on Twitter and FCO Travel - Travel Advice on Facebook for consular advice and live updates, particularly for travel to regions where the FCO have issued advisory warnings.
  • Please also see the government's Know Before You Go website for travel advice.
  • Leave a copy of your travel itinerary and a photocopy of your passport with a colleague in your department or with a friend or family member if you are a student.
  • Leave contact details such as your mobile phone number and accommodation address with this person.
  • Research the area you are travelling to before you go and make yourself aware of where to find alternative accommodation and medical facilities if necessary.  Plan your travel route to your accommodation from your arrival point in advance.
  • Arrange to make regular contact with a colleague or family member in the UK so that they will investigate and make sure you are safe if you don't make contact with them.
  • Keep a paper copy of your insurance documents and emergency phone numbers (the insurance company, local police, local embassy and your accommodation provider) in case you lose your mobile phone.
  • Take some emergency cash with you in case your bank card is stolen or does not work, store it separately from your bank card.
  • Learn some phrases from the local language or have them written down in case you need to talk to the local police or seek medical help.
  • In an unfamiliar city if you are arriving at night it is useful to pre-arrange a transfer to your accommodation.
  • Familiarise yourself with local rules and customs to avoid causing offence, e.g. customs for dress
  • Put contact details inside your luggage in case it gets lost but do not use tags which show your identity or nationality to a casual observer.
  • The European Commission has issued guidelines on passengers' rights - please see the passenger rights website.
  • Details on how to download the RSA Business Travel app can be found on this webpage:

Guarantors for Medical Treatment

If the medical facility you are using for treatment requires a guarantee for the payment of their fees, please contact the insurers on the telephone number above and they will be able to get one of their local agents to provide urgent assistance with this.

Advice Regarding Stolen Bank Cards

You should consider using a cash passport for your trip - please contact your Faculty Finance team for advice on this.

In the event of losing your debit or credit card abroad, please contact your own bank immediately for assistance.  They should be able to transfer money to a local bank so that you can access funds for your immediate use.

If you are unable to secure assistance from your own bank the University may be able to assist by telegraphing emergency funds to you.  Please contact the Insurance Office or your departmental administrator in office hours for help.

Outside University office hours, you can contact the insurer's emergency assistance line above.  Please note there may be some delay in the transfer of money via this route because the assistance service will require details of a UK credit card to guarantee a temporary loan of funds.

It is particularly advisable to make sure that you have access to two sources of funds whilst you are abroad such your debit or credit card and a cash passport which you keep separately whilst you are away.

Personal Accident cover

Insurer: Royal and Sun Alliance

This policy provides lump sum payments in respect of death /permanent injury to employees arising from accidents in the course of their occupation.  The policy cover is worldwide.  Please note however, that off-shore work is excluded from cover and therefore you must contact Insurance Officer in advance of a trip that will involve off-shore work so that arrangements can be made to purchase additional cover.

Please contact the Insurance Office for further information or advice on how to make a claim under this policy.