University Business Travel and Personal Accident

Cover is not automatically provided on booking a trip - a member of staff must complete our online application system for the traveller to be eligible for cover. 

Students must purchase travel insurance (see below).

Emergency Assistance: 


 For immediate emergency assistance from our insurers:

Eligibility for Cover/Help Guide: 

Please read the guide before applying for University travel insurance.  The guide can be found here. Please refer to this document before contacting the insurance department. If the answer to your question is not in the help guide, we will be happy to assist you.  

Summary of Cover (the full policy wording can be found here):


Sum insured


Medical Expenses/ Repatriation &  Related Expenses (not applicable to  the UK or in the Country of Domicile)




Search and Rescue Expenses for Greenland



Baggage / Personal Effects -
Single article limit £3,000
Business Equipment limit £3,000
Delayed Baggage £2,000
Loss of Keys £500


Electronic equipment only:  Students:  £200 Staff:  £100




Hijack, Kidnap and Detention -
£100,000 per person and £250,000 aggregate

£300 per day


Personal Security Specialist Expenses -
£250,00 aggregate



Money & Credit Cards -
Cash limit £3,000



Cancellation, Curtailment and Replacement Expenses –

£250,000 per any single incident



Legal Expenses



Personal Liability per event



Travel Delay -
£50,000 same incident and aggregate

£200 after 4 hours and £50 each subsequent hour up to £750


Travel Documents



Personal Accident cover.  Variable limits.  Please refer to the insurance office for full details.

 Travel insurance price list: 


EU Member States

North America/Canada

Rest of the World (excluding North America/Canada)

Up to 4 months




Up to 12 months




Annual/ Multi-trip




Year Abroad Students 




Multiple destinations:  The higher rate is to be used.

Personal travel (applicable to year abroad, Erasmus and Elective students only):

Incidental personal travel taken within the period of the placement/internship, in the country of placement/internship is covered within our existing arrangements.

Where leisure trips are undertaken beyond the period of placement/internship or the outside or if a flight is taken within the country of the placement/internship, it is not covered by our existing arrangements.  Cover can be extended for a maximum of eight weeks subject to prior approval from our insurers and at an additional cost. If approval is given, the following additional charges will be applied: 

Personal travel (as outlined above) price list:


Cost per week


£15.00 plus IPT

Rest of the World, excluding North America/Canada

£50.00 plus IPT

North America/Canada

£80.00 plus IPT

Multiple destinations:  The higher rate is to be used.

Sanctioned countries for the UN, EU, UK and US Combined:

If you are considering travelling to a sanctioned country, you will need to complete a Travel Review Questionnaire for Sanctioned Territories, as each trip needs to be screened by our insurers due to sanction restrictions.  Details of sanctioned countries can found here; and here; Both sites must be checked.

List of sanctioned countries at July 2019 (this may change):  Afghanistan, Belarus, Burundi, Central African Republic, Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt ,Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Myanmar, Nicaragua, North Korea, Republic of Guinea Bissau, Republic of Guinea, Russian Federation, Serbia, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Ukraine (inc Crimea), Venezuela, Yemen, Zimbabwe.

How to Apply for Cover:

Staff and students (except Year Abroad, Elective and ErasmusStudents):

Please use our Online Travel Application (Note:  Students are not able to log in to the Online Travel Application system so you will need to ask to member of staff to apply on your behalf).  Instructions on how to use the system can be found in the Help Guide attached to the application.  If you require a letter to support a Visa application, please contact the Insurance Office.  If you encounter any difficulties with using the system please contact us: or by telephone 0117 39 41828. 

Year abroad, Elective and Erasmus students:

Year abroad, Elective and Erasmus students should purchase their own travel insurance for these trips.  The University has arranged cover which can be purchased by you. Please note this is a group policy used by all staff and other students in the name of the University of Bristol.  It is not a policy in your name, and you should check the policy wording carefully to make sure it meets your needs.  You may also want to check other policies that are available on the market to ensure you have the best policy for your trip.  Emergency Medical expenses can run into many thousands of pounds.

If you wish to purchase the University travel insurance, please use the online shop:

Europe:  Online Shop Europe                   North America/Canada/Rest of the World:  Online Shop Worldwide

If you require a letter to support a Visa application, please contact the Insurance Office. 

How to make a claim

For non-urgent claims please contact the Insurance Office on your return to the UK.  A claim form will be sent to you which you must complete and return to our insurers.  Instructions will be on the claim form.

Insurance office contact details:  Telephone: 0117 39 41828 or e-mail: