Student Experience Committee

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Student Experience Committee is a sub-committee of University Education Committee.


The main purposes of the Committee are:

Terms of Reference

Advisory (to University Education Committee):

1. To advise on implementing the “Bristol Student Experience” as defined in the Education Strategy.

2. To advise on implementing the Student Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy.

3. To consider key measures of the student experience including the National Student Survey (NSS) and other institutional student surveys, outcomes of the Students’ Union’s democratic processes (Annual Members Meeting, Student Council etc.) and feedback from the student representative system.

4. To make recommendations on priorities with regards to the wider university policy making meant to encompass the student experience.

5. To consider measures to contribute towards improved equality of opportunity in student access, success and progression to students with ability and ambition from all backgrounds.

Decision making (on behalf of University Education Committee):

5. Within the framework determined by University Education Committee, to implement those aspects of the University's Education and Student Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategies and monitor their delivery.

6. With the Students’ Union, to assure the effectiveness of the student representation system.

7. To oversee effective engagement between the University’s student facing services (in particular the student welfare services and the student residences), academic schools, the Students’ Union and wider student body.

8. To promote a lifelong relationship between the University and its students and consider how best alumni can support the experience of current students.


16 in total

The standing membership of the Committee for 2019-20 is as follows:

RoleJob titleName
  Pro Vice-Chancellor Student Experience Professor Sarah Purdy
Deputy Registrar (Academic Services) Lynn Robinson
Academic Quality Manager [Committee Adviser from AQPO] Sam Jones
Bristol SU representatives Head of Student Engagement, Bristol SU Dani Glazzard
Up to three Bristol SU sabbatical officers (depending on agenda items)

Hillary Gyebi-Ababio

Chris Brasnett

Amy Brook

George Bemrose

Julio Mkok

Jason Palmer

Julius Ogayo

Academic representatives (representing L&T Committee) TBA

Faculty Education Director - PG (representing L&T Committee)

Professor Harry Mellor

Chair of the Senior Tutor Network

Professor Kelly Moule 
Residential Academic Adviser

Dr Chris Adams

Professional services representatives Up to two representatives from Bristol Student Services 

Mark Ames

Alison Golden-Wright

Claire Slater

Director of Sport, Exercise and Health Matt Birch

Deputy Director of Marketing, Marketing and Communications

Rachel Everington



The Chair or nominee and at least two members of the academic staff, two student sabbatical officers or student representatives and one representative of the student facing services.

Members of the Committee who are unable to attend a particular meeting may send a suitably qualified nominee, at the discretion of the Chair (this applies particularly to academic representatives to ensure each Committee meeting includes at least two members of academic staff).  Nominees shall count towards the quorum as though they were the member of the Committee by whom they were nominated, and shall be entitled to vote.   

Mode of Operation

The Committee shall normally meet six times per year.

Established sub-groups

Meeting Dates 

Student Experience Committee reports to University Education Committee so the meetings are scheduled to enable this.  

Student Experience Committee reporting schedule 2019-20
Paper deadline for Student Experience CommitteeStudent Experience Committee meeting dateReports to the University Education Committee meeting date
Thursday 26 September 2019 Tuesday 8 October 2019 Tuesday 22 October 2019
Thursday 14 November 2019 Tuesday 26 November 2019 Wednesday 29 January 2020
Thursday 16 January 2020 Tuesday 28 January 2020 Wednesday 18 March 2020
Thursday 5 March 2020 Tuesday 17 March 2020 Wednesday 22 April 2020
Thursday 9 April 2020 Tuesday 21 April 2020 Wednesday 20 May 2020
Thursday 21 May 2020 Tuesday 2 June 2020 Wednesday 17 June 2020

Record of business

Student Experience Committee submits regular reports to University Education Committee (its parent committee) to record its recent business.  These reports are available for download (UoB only)