Car parking charges and payment

Parking Charges: 2nd November 2015 onwards

The parking charges for the University's parking policy can be viewed in the table below.  

 Parking Category Charging period Charge Effective from
 Staff Daily  0.0083% of salary   5th January 2016         
 Departmental  Annually per space     £833.00  2nd November 2015
 Visitor Daily or 1/2 Day  £7.00 or £3.50  2nd November 2015     
 Contractor  Daily  £8.46 (inclusive of VAT)  5th January 2016

Note: There is no administration charge for staff parking permit applicants. 


Parking CategoryMethod of purchaseLocation of purchase

 Coupons can be purchased

  • online 
  • by contacting the Payroll Office on (0117 92) 88066.
  • in person from the reception desk on the Ground Floor of Senate House, Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 17:00

Ground Floor Reception
University of Bristol
Senate House
Tyndall Avenue




 Annual charge will be deducted from the Department by Finance N/A
 Contractor  Coupons can be purchased

Security Services
Car Parking
University of Bristol
Estates Office
Royal Fort Lodge


Example staff daily charge calculation for parking

For information on your gross salary see the Human Resources website

Example 1:

The daily charge for a member of staff on Spinal point 37, £38,551 is   £3.20

38,551    x     0.0083%    =     3.199      OR

38,551    x     0.0083    /    100    =     3.199

Example 2:

The daily rate for a member of staff on Spinal point 17, £21,131 is  £1.76.

21,131    x     0.0083%    =     1.775    OR

21,131    x     0.0083    /    100    =     1.775

Formal car sharing team free coupons

With the exception of the lead driver, up to 30 day's free parking will also be issued to the other formal members of the car sharing team whose parking permit applications were successful in the same permit year. The number of free coupons issued to the formal car sharing team will be pro-rated based on the term in which they are awarded as follows:

All coupons, including any free coupons and those purchased by the lead driver, can be used by any member of the formal car sharing team in any of the vehicles registered by the lead driver or car sharing team members.