Car Club

Business Travel

If you are a staff member you can use Enterprise Car Club for business travel and reclaim the expenses. You must access the Enterprise car club platform via the University's Procurement webpages.

Car Clubs for personal use - the benefits

Car Clubs are a great way to use a vehicle without owning it. No need to worry about servicing or maintenance, no need to pay the vehicle tax as this is managed by the Car Club. There are a range of modern vehicles available on demand and there is no time limit. 

How it works

The car club companies

There are three companies in Bristol:



Staff can join using promotional code: UOBSTAFF*

*Alternatively, University of Bristol staff can sign-up for the student Co-Wheels scheme by signing up through the Student Living landing page. Staff will then also benefit from the £25 free driving credit available through the student scheme.  


Students can join the new Student Living scheme by visiting the Student Living landing page. Further information on the scheme is also available on the Co-Wheels Student Living flyer (PDF, 895kB). The scheme is not time-limited and the benefits include:


Staff & Students

University of Bristol staff and students can sign up to Zipcar by clicking on the Zipcar link above to take advantage of the following benefits.

In addition, £30.00 of driving credit is available for free by using the promotional code exclusive to the University of Bristol. To obtain the promotional code, please email 

Support from Zipcar’s dedicated member services team is available 365 days a year 24/7.

Enterprise Car Club 

Staff & Students