Easton/Greenbank to Queen's Building

  1. Cycle through residential streets to pickup Bristol to Bath cycle path.
  2. Come off cycle path at Old Market end and cycle straight down to St Phillips, dog leg right and left, through car park to right, out along cycle path between DIY/furniture stores, and then cross freeway by subway ahead to right.
  3. Turn right out of subway, left at church, then right and left into Castle Park across the road.
  4. Straight through the park and across lights on Bristol Bridge at end of park cycle path, turn left into Welsh Back and then right into Queens Square.
  5. Long way round Queen Square and out onto roundabout via cycle/bus lane.
  6. Push bike over foot path and lights on Anchor Road to get to the bottom of Park Street.
  7. Cycle up as far as you can before low speed/parked vehicles inhibit progress.
  8. Walk the bike over lights and up through Merchant Venturers steps onto Woodland Road.
  9. Walk or cycle to the end of University Walk then cycle into Queen's Building
The journey home is easier as it's mostly downhill!